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Healthy millennials driving change in Australian food culture

Australian millennials, with the support of tech, are driving change in Australian food culture.

Provenance is the Most Important Characteristic for Australian Foodservice Consumers

When it comes to provenance, consumers aged 50 and over have a greater preference than the general population.

Industry Trends

Play To Win 15 Sports Across 19 Countries

Consumer spending in the global sports market is growing, and that means there is abundant opportunity for companies that know how to get the right products in the right places for the right people. See what we see — by country, by sport, by use, and more.

Global World Cup Insights

How is the Cup affecting the restaurant industry around the world? Which toys are benefitting? Which jersey is most popular? Discover The NPD Group's World Cup coverage from around the world.

Foodservice Spotlight

Foodservice consumers remain conservative in terms of what they buy and how they buy it, but afternoon snack is booming, driven largely by supermarkets.

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