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Healthy millennials driving change in Australian food culture

Australian millennials, with the support of tech, are driving change in Australian food culture.

Provenance is the Most Important Characteristic for Australian Foodservice Consumers

When it comes to provenance, consumers aged 50 and over have a greater preference than the general population.

Industry Trends

Foodservice Trends Report 2018

Technology is enabling an unprecedented level of convenience for foodservice consumers and it's growing rapidly as digital convenience tools continue to evolve.

What’s on the Foodservice Horizon in 2018?

Consumer spending in the Australian foodservice industry increased by 2% in 2017, supported by increases in both visits and average cheque. Whilst this does mark a slowdown for overall industry growth, there were a number of bright spots in the market.

Foodservice Spotlight

Foodservice consumers remain conservative in terms of what they buy and how they buy it, but afternoon snack is booming, driven largely by supermarkets.

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